The New Truth About New Diesel.
Despite lower prices for clean diesel fuel, perception of diesel vehicles has not kept pace with the technology.
Four Paths to Fuel Efficiency | Electric, Diesel Hybrid, Fuel Cell.
Plenty of people claim they want fuel-efficiency, yet many shun higher-efficiency cars unless they see a tangible
Driving a Chevy Volt Test Mule.
GM recently announced that the 2011 Chevrolet Volt could score 230 mpg in the EPA city fuel economy cycle and well into
Porsche Builds Hybrid SUV.
Porsche has evolved (to the dismay of some and the excitement of others) from a company once known only for its sports
Buying a Used Hybrid | Taking the idea of recycling one step further.
Because hybrids are a comparatively recent phenomenon, not too many have reached the used-car market. Those that have
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