Classic Mustang LED Lighting Installation.

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1) Installing LED taillights gives a longer lasting, brighter light creating safer driving conditions.

Light emitting diodes, or LED lights, have been around for more than a century. In fact, they're nearly as old as the humble Thomas Edison light bulb. The light emitting diode was invented not by one person, but several across the pond in Britain and in Russia early in the 20th century. Still, it would be a long time before the LED was pressed into service in the 1960s.

Recently, over the past decade, LEDs have found widespread use in automobiles both vintage and new. At first it was accessories like instrument lighting, taillights, courtesy lighting, and parking lamps. Today, LEDs have found their way into headlights and driving lamps and the sky has become the limit. The nice thing about LED light for automobiles is the cool brightness in a light source that virtually never burns out. Install it and forget it. We're going to show you some LED applications and how they can be applied to your classic car.

Installing Mustang LED Taillights
One company, MP LED Custom Lighting (known as Mustang Project), has been very committed to LED lighting from the start. Mustang Project does all kinds of trick custom lighting for new and classic Mustangs and other Ford nameplates, including the Falcon. We're going to show you a couple of packages, what they consist of, and how they're installed. Follow the process in the image gallery above.

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