Win a Custom Dodge Challenger.

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Win a Custom Dodge Challenger

With gas prices and national economy being what they are, many die-hard performance enthusiasts are lamenting that the 21st-century musclecar age will pass them by. Cheer up, there is a chance for the everyman to win a personalized Dodge Challenger.

Dodge has teamed with MSN Autos for the Dream Design Drive Car Challenge. By registering at the special microsite, consumers can customize their dream Dodge Challenger with the Flash-enabled tools. Paint, graphics, wheels, window tint, and spoiler can all be colored and/or selected, though there is a learning curve to creating a fancier-than-stock appearance. The coolest feature is the ability to upload a photo of yourself to place in the car.

Each customized Dodge Challenger entry submitted through Aug. 25, 2008, will be posted in a virtual showroom for public voting. There will be three levels of prizes awarded – the "People's Choice Award," the Grand Prize and a weekly sweepstakes for prizes like a Microsoft Zune.

In the "People's Choice" category, the entry that receives the most ratings as determined by the public will receive an all-new 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T tailored to resemble the virtual version. The top 1000 entries determined by public voting will be judged by a panel of experts. Be forewarned, they are looking for creativity.

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