Who Wants A Supercharged Scion FR-S?

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Who Wants A Supercharged Scion FR-S?

Toyota confused a lot of people earlier this year when they insisted the Scion FR-S sports coupe would not have a turbocharged version, but now we understand why: it'll be supercharged.

The report comes from Car And Driver, who claims that the Toyota performance division, TRD, could add a supercharger kit to the list of FR-S options. The 2.0L Boxer engine in the FR-S currently produces 200 horsepower, so a supercharger would add considerable juice to the lightweight sports car.

Test Drive: Camping With The Scion FR-S.

Toyota may have hinted at the prospect last week at the annual SEMA aftermarket show. The Scion booth displayed a supercharged Evasive FR-S, and the Toyota booth showed off a 2013 Avalon supercharged by TRD. Were these clues that a supercharger would soon find its way into the FR-S?

We'll also be interested to see whether the faster FR-S is sold as a pricier, supercharged new model or if TRD will simply offer the supercharger as an individual aftermarket piece.

It also isn't clear what this means for the Subaru BRZ, essentially the same car but under a different moniker. Will they offer their own supercharger or counter with a turbo? What we do now is that if Toyota and Subaru start competing to produce the better car, the consumer wins.

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